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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

B.B.R.A.G. Home Page  - Campaigning for Better Transport in Bromley.

Are you fed up with sitting in traffic jams in Bromley? Or annoyed by those painful speed humps? Or concerned about the road traffic accident figures? The Bromley Borough Roads Action Group (B.B.R.A.G.) is here to help you.  We campaign for changes to the transport policies in the London Borough of Bromley so that your taxes are not wasted on ineffective traffic management schemes, that road and other transport infrastructures are improved, and traffic accidents are cut.

Apart from our campaigning activities, we distribute a regular newsletter that contains articles on a wide range of transport matters including not only local Bromley issues, but also topical subjects in the Greater London area and the UK in general. For further information, or details of membership, click on one of the links above. Click on the items below for the latest news.

Note: Since 2009, when there have been no really controversial road traffic issues in Bromley, a lot of the activities of this group have been subsumed within the ABD London Region - see www.freedomfordrivers.org . This web site is maintained to highlight the key issues for Bromley residents and to maintain an archive of past information.

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