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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Proposals for More than 60 Road Humps in Bromley - Latest News

This page contains an update on the proposals for Poverest Road/Queensway/Elmstead Lane and Maple Road. Those proposed road safety schemes included plans for more than 60 road humps. Due to the strength of opposition to these proposals, council staff have now devised some alternative plans which do not use speed bumps - in other words they will use “predominantly non-vertical” speed reduction techniques.  More details of their proposals are given below, with some comments on them.  

Both the original “hump” proposals, the new “no hump” proposals, and a third option which is “do nothing” will be put to public consultation in the near future. If you live in the roads concerned you should therefore soon receive a consultation leaflet from the council, with a form enabling you to express your views.  

B.B.R.A.G. considers the revised proposals to be an improvement. But from what we know about the accidents in these roads, from resident’s comments and looking at the historic accident data, we do not feel that even the revised proposals have been well designed. Neither are they clearly justifiable on cost/benefit grounds. Unfortunately we have not received the full accident data to enable us to formulate our own alternative proposals (we have submitted a complaint to the council about the unnecessary withholding of important information for no good reason, when it should be in the public domain).  

We therefore urge you to vote for the “do nothing” option if you receive the council consultation leaflet, or as second best, the “no humps” proposal.  If you do not receive the council consultation leaflet, as you live outside the selected consultation areas, then we would urge you to write a personal letter to Mr Hayward at the council (address below) and copy it to your local councilors. We or the council can tell you who your councilors are if you don’t know. A personal letter is much more effective to get your point of view across. 

The Council’s Alternative “Non-Vertical Deflection” Proposals.

 a - Queensway: More pedestrian refuges and road markings to make the road look narrower and hence slow traffic. Also 2 zebra crossings (rather than one on the hump scheme), and changing the kerb lines and parking bays (there will probably be more parking apparently). Our Comments: Still an emphasis on the speed problem in this road, when there does not appear to be one and no speed measurements have been taken by the council. The new proposals may well cause additional traffic congestion, so we think this needs more careful study.

 b - Elmstead Lane: Gateway treatment, road surface treatment (e.g. coloured surface) and a "speed adviser" unit.  However the table under the roundabout at the junction with Sundridge Ave would remain as council staff could not think of any alternative. Our Comments: Again an emphasis on the speed problem when in fact the accident statistics show that this is not the cause of most accidents in this road. We would like to see the money spent on junction improvements which are the location of many accidents, and a different treatment of the Sundridge Avenue roundabout (probably making it larger with better signage and road surface treatment near the entry points). A zebra crossing near the station and improved pavements have also been suggested by residents.

 c - Poverest Road: It is now proposed to treat both this and Leesons Hill together which also has an accident problem. Solution is more pedestrian refuges, surface treatment and speed advisers. Our Comments:  Certainly an improved proposal, but more restrictions on parking in these roads seems advisable also.

 d - Maple Road: Entry treatment, road narrowing, central refuges, surface treatment, plus still one speed table where there is a junction with a side road. Our Comments: none.


The address to write to at the council is: Mr G. Hayward, Director, Environmental Services, London Borough of Bromley, Stockwell Close, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3UH