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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

About Us

The Bromley Borough Roads Action Group (B.B.R.A.G.) stands for a more democratic and more rational approach to the traffic management problems of the London Borough of Bromley.  Our initial formation some years ago was based on opposition to the kind of traffic calming scheme that was being introduced in the borough that simply caused more traffic congestion, and general inconvenience to road users, without any significant benefit in terms of road accident reductions. In fact, the money wasted on such schemes could have been much better spent on actual improvements to road safety in other areas. We now take a more general interest in all transport and associated environmental issues in the borough of Bromley and the greater London area. This includes traffic management schemes, public transport, road safety, parking policies, air pollution, other transport environmental issues such as noise, and associated local and central government policies. Our prime objective is to promote improvements in the transport infrastructure while stopping wasted expenditure on unpopular, ineffective or inappropriate policies.

B.B.R.A.G. is a mutual association that is funded solely by contributions from its members (who are predominantly residents in the London Borough of Bromley but membership is open to anyone who has an interest in transport matters). If you are a visitor to this web site who is not familiar with Bromley, then go to Bromley Background for more information.

Aims and Objectives

The following is an extract from our written constitution: 

A)     To promote wider, fairer and more democratic consultation on new traffic management schemes in the London Borough of Bromley. 


B)     To ensure that all road users (motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians) are consulted equally and fairly on proposed traffic management schemes, and to ensure that the views of such road users are taken into account as well as the views of local residents when such schemes are being considered. 


C)     To protect and enhance the environment (visual, atmospheric, audible) from the effects of ill considered traffic management schemes.


D)     To promote road safety and a reduction in accidents in the borough by ensuring that any money spent on traffic management schemes is spent where the accident statistics most justify it, and in a manner that is likely to reduce personal injury statistics.


E)      To support well designed traffic calming schemes in appropriate locations and to support the enforcement of appropriate speed limits.


F)     To ensure that a proper cost/benefit analysis is performed on all proposed traffic management schemes, and to promote a rational selection of schemes on that basis.


G)     To ensure that new traffic management schemes do not unnecessarily impede traffic flows (consistent with the above objectives) and preferably improve such flows, bearing in mind that congestion is a significant cost to individuals, business and the community as a whole.


H)     To generally promote improvements to the transport infrastructure in respect of road and rail networks, and public transport facilities in Bromley and the London area.


I)        To try and ensure that any new traffic management schemes are acceptable to all elements of the community, and to try to achieve a consensus among local residents, road users and public bodies, before they are implemented.


J)       To pursue any other policy, put forward or sponsor candidates for any elections, or support any other democratic group or party, that may be in the interests of the residents of the Borough of Bromley and the members of the Association.



B.B.R.A.G. is run by an executive committee of three people (there could be more - volunteers are welcomed), which currently includes Roger Lawson as Chairman, Malcolm Stilwell as Secretary, and Peter Appleby. B.B.R.A.G. has a written constitution - a copy of this can be supplied on request.

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