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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Congestion Charging and Road Pricing

The following articles have been published by BBRAG on Congestion Charging (particularly the London Congestion Charge or "Tax") and on road usage charging:

This article was submitted to the London Assembly in 2003 as comments on the operation of the London Congestion Zone after it had been running for a few months: Congestion_Submission

This article was written in 2004 after proposals were made to extend the scheme: Congestion_Charging_Extension .

This following articles were written in 2006 on the effect of the scheme on air pollution: Congestion Charge Tax and Congestion Charge and Air Pollution

This article was written in 2006 on why business people should oppose congestion and road usage charging: Why Business Must Oppose Congestion Charging.

The following article was written in 2007 after a TV debate on the Road Pricing and associated ssues: Road_Pricing_TV_Debate

This article was written on the London Congestion Charge after publication of the 5th Annual Monitoring Report: Congestion_Charge_Report_2007

The following article is a report on a debate on road pricing held in Cambridge in May 2008: Debate_on_Road_Pricing

Scares about "gridlock" due to rising vehicle numbers are commonplace. See this article for a rebuttal: Traffic_Counts_Not_Rising

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