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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Latest News

The following news items are a brief summary of local or national events that may be of interest to our members. For further details, contact B.B.R.A.G. or refer to our newsletters (which are sent free of charge to all members).

30/12/2012 Thames River Crossings and Tolls.  Public consultations are taking place on Free-Flow Charging at the Dartford Crossing, and also for new Thames River Crossings in East London which will also be tolled. See the latest ABD newsletter for more information here:  www.freedomfordrivers.org/ABD_London_News034.pdf and this page for the ABD's responses to the consultations: www.freedomfordrivers.org/Consultations.htm
03/08/2011 Dartford Crossing Toll Increases Proposed.  The Government has issued a consultation document proposing that charges on the Dartford Crossing should be increased to £2.50 per car (currently £1.50). The ABD suggests the consultation is a pretence because the financial analysis in the consultation document is incomplete and hence false. See Dartford_Crossing_Consultation for their response (go to  www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/dft-2011-08 for more background and how to respond to the consultation yourself).
25/08/2010 Bromley Parking Revenues and Costs. A note published in the ABD London Newsletter on the revenue and expenditure from parking and moving traffic offences is present in this document: Bromley_Parking
20/09/2009 Membership of BBRAG Now Free. Membership of the Bromley Borough Roads Action Group is now free - all you have to do is register your interest - see Membership.
07/06/2009 Width Restrictions in Petts Wood and Bickley. The articles in this document were published in our newsletter on the width restrictions imposed over railway bridges on Chislehurst Road and near Bickley Station: Width_Restrictions
12/09/2008 Consultation on Western Extension Launched. The new public consultation on the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge that was promised by Boris Johnson in his election manifesto was launched today. The ABD issued this press release: Press026 and see this web page for more details: WesternCon
17/08/2008 20 Mph Wide Area Speed Limit for Bromley? The following note was produced in response to calls for a wide area 20 mph speed limit in Bromley: Twenty
08/07/2008 £25 Congestion Charge Scrapped. Boris Johnson has announced that he is cancelling the proposed Emissions Related Congestion Charge due to come into force in October. This proposal included a charge of £25 for some vehicles and no charge for low emission vehicles.
07/07/2008 Mayor Launches New Consultation on Congestion Charge Western Extension. Boris Johnson has announced that there will be fresh consultation on the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge, commencing in September. This was a promise in his Mayoral election manifesto. See his press release at www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=17573  for more information.
15/04/2008  Petition to Remove Speed Humps Submitted to Council. The petition created by BBRAG to remove speed humps from roads in Chislehurst has now been submitted to the council - see Hump_Petition for the petition figures.
01/02/2008  BBRAG Launches Petition to Remove Speed Humps. Speed humps were installed in Watts Lane and Manor Park Road in Chislehurst in 1999. But residents are fed up with suffering from the pain and discomfort of driving over them. So the Bromley Borough Roads Action Group has launched a petition to have them removed. Read this letter given to residents for more information: Petition_Letter, or print this page: Petition and return it to us to support this campaign (get as many people to sign it as possible).
30/07/2007  Thames Gateway Bridge - A Victory for the Luddites? The inspector recommended that the proposals for the Thames Gateway Bridge should be rejected after a two year public inquiry. But the Secretary of State has asked for the inquiry to be reopened. See Thames_Gateway_Bridge for the full story.
21/07/2007  London Congestion Worsening - It's Official. Transport for London (TfL) recently published their fifth Annual Monitoring Report on the London Congestion Charge. And it reveals what most London motorists already knew – that congestion is almost back to where it was before the Congestion Charge tax was introduced. The report also shows that there has been no environmental benefit in terms of measurable reductions in overall air pollution on the ground. For more details see the following report: London_Congestion_Report_July2007.  
17/07/2007  ABD Launches Campaign Against Greenwich Road Tools. The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has launched a campaign against proposals for congestion charging or road tolls in Greenwich (and on the Blackwall Tunnel). See the ABD press release at ABD_Press_014 for more information, or the following document: Greenwich_Road_Tolls
03/07/2007  Bromley Councillor Simon Fawthrop Launches Bid for Mayoral Nomination. One of several Conservative candidates for the London Mayoral election in 2008 is Bromley Councillor Simon Fawthrop. His transport policies are outlined in the following document: London_Transport_Policy_Fawthrop
24/06/2007  Proposals to Extend Bromley Town Centre CPZ. Proposals to include Garden Road and Edward Road (off Plaistow Lane) in a CPZ have been put to public consultation. But BBRAG argues there is no significant parking problem in these roads. See our objection letter in the following document: Garden_Road_CPZ.
22/04/2007  Tidal Flow in Blackwall Tunnel Ended. The tidal flow system that operates in the Blackwall Tunnel during morning rush hours has been ended without any notice and without consultation. Congestion at the north bound entrance is likely to worsen considerably. See the following article for more information and how to object: Tidal_Flow_in_Blackwall_Tunnel_Ended
21/3/2007  Bromley Council Adopts Policy Opposing Congestion Charging and Road Pricing. At a meeting of the Environment and Leisure Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee on the 19th March, Bromley Council  adopted a policy opposing the extension of congestion charging across London and also opposing the concept of road pricing. See the following document for details of the resolution and the speech given by Councillor Nicholas Bennett in proposing the resolution: Bromley_Road_Pricing. Note that a later TV debate on the issue of road pricing is described in the following document: Road_Pricing_TV_Debate
18/3/2007  Greenwich and Blackwall Tunnel Road Tolls Proposed. Transport for London and Greenwich Council are conducting public surveys about a proposed congestion charge that would cover much of Greenwich and major roads such as the A2 and Blackwall Tunnel approach. Read the following article for more information: Greenwich_Road_Tolls
28/12/2006  Petition Against Speed Humps Launched. A petition against the use of speed humps on the new "direct petition" web site set up by 10 Downing Street (the office of the Prime Minister - yes this is no trivial newspaper poll, it's the real thing that will be submitted to the PM in due course). BBRAG has campaigned against the use of speed humps for some years and we hope you will sign the petition by going to http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Nohumps/ and submitting your name. Don't forget to forward the link to all your friends and acquaintances and encourage them to sign it also. More information on the disadvantages of speed humps is present on this web site at:  www.bromleytransport.org.uk/Humps.htm   But if you want to get rid of the pain and suffering they inflict, you have to sign the petition!
16/12/2006  Proposals to Increase Dartford Crossing Tolls. The Government has published a consultation document regarding proposals to increase the Dartford Crossing Toll for cars from £1 to £1.50, but it will become free overnight and there will be bigger discounts for Dart-Tag users. However BBRAG believes it should be made free, as originally promised to users. Go to  www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/dftconsuldartford/   for the full details or read the following article published in our Newsletter: Dartford_Crossing_Toll_Changes. Anyone who uses this crossing should make sure they respond to the consultation.  The BBRAG Consultation response can be read at: Dartford_Consultation_Response . Another good response was from the National Alliance Against Tolls which can be seen at: www.notolls.org.uk/dart2007response.pdf
07/12/2006  Bickley Traffic Calming Scheme Revised. Following over 200 objections from local residents (and pressure from BBRAG of course), the Bickley East traffic calming scheme has been extensively revised. A note on the changes is present in the following document: Bickley_Revised_Proposals. For the latest leaflet and objection form, use this: Leaflet_Bickley2
06/11/2006  Richmond Permit Parking Proposals. The London Borough of Richmond is proposing to increase permit parking fees so that more highly polluting vehicle owners pay a lot, lot more. Similar proposals are being considered by other London boroughs, but this is clearly more about raising revenue than about cutting pollution. See the following document which is a submission by the Association of British Drivers to the Richmond consultation: Richmond_Permit_Parking_Consulation.
26/9/2006  Speed Humps Have No Effect. It is now 7 years since seem humps were installed in Manor Park Road, Chislehurst. For a report on their impact on road accidents, go to the following page Speed_humps_effect.
16/9/2006  Presentation to the "Preserving the American Dream" Conference.  The conference was about urban planning and transport policies in the USA and BBRAG Chairman Roger Lawson gave an electronic presentation (unfortunately he was unable to attend in person) which can be seen and heard on the following page: Atlanta. It covers a lot of what is wrong with transport and road safety policies in the UK.
06/09/2006  Bickley Traffic Calming Scheme. Bromley Council have used independent consultants to devise a new traffic calming scheme which covers a wide area of Bickley. Maps of the proposed scheme can be seen at: Map1 and Map2 . The cost of the scheme is £250,000 (£60,000 from the developers of Aquila and the rest from Transport for London). Our comments can be seen in the following letter sent in response to the public consultation: Consultation_Response. In summary we object to many parts of the scheme such as the "throttles", the 20 mph speed limit on Blackbrook Lane and the road closure on The Fairway. We have also circulated a leaflet to residents - the front and back sides of that are in the following documents: Front and Back. Photographs of some of the roads involved, showing how they hardly look to be particularly hazardous, are shown on the following page: Bickley_Roads
02/09/2006  Tramlink Extension to Crystal Palace. At a meeting held at Bromley council on the 31st August, staff from Transport for London (TfL) presented their proposals for an extension of the Croydon Tramlink to Crystal Palace. For the full story on this proposal, and the current economics of Tramlink, then go to this page: Croydon Tramlink.
25/08/2006  Cray Avenue Bus Lane Fine Appeal Proves Council is Acting Unlawfully. Orpington resident Roy Swift appealed against a fine for infringing the Cray Avenue Bus Lane. He claimed that although he technically breached the bus lane, as he was turning left and not impeding any buses, the fine should be cancelled. He recently won the appeal. For the full story read this document: CrayAvenueBusLane2.
24/07/2006  Marlow Road, Penge and Enforcement of 20 Mph Zone by Cameras.  A 20 mph zone was introduced into the Marlow Road area of Penge in 2004. Despite the fact that there have been no accidents since, residents are still unhappy and have persuaded Bromley Council to consider enforcement by speed cameras. For the full story see: Marlow_Road..
05/07/2006  London Congestion Charge has had No Impact on Air Quality. The London Congestion Charge Tax has not resulted in improved air quality in London, despite that being used as a justification to introduce it by Ken Livingstone. Based on the latest report on the operation of the scheme by TfL, it is clearly a myth that any improvement has resulted. For a report see the following article from our Newsletter: Congestion_Charge_Tax. And for even more details and an example of how TfL are making false claims in their advertisements, see this note: Congestion Charge and Air Pollution
02/07/2006  Bromley Council Publishes Draft LIP. The London Borough of Bromley recently published a draft Local Implementation Plan for Transport (available from the Council or from BBRAG). As usual with such plans, which have to accord with the Mayor or London's Transport Strategy, it says very little about how the road network in Bromley could be improved to reduce traffic congestion. The following is a report that will appear in our Newsletter: LIP_Article, and our consultation submissions are present in the following documents: 2006_Submission and 2005_Submission.
18/06/2006  More Bus Lane Cameras on Cray Avenue - An Election Issue?  Two more cameras to monitor infringements of the bus lane have been installed in Cray Avenue, Orpington, despite complaints from many motorists that they were collecting £100 fines through simple oversights and without ever impeding any buses. Bromley and Chislehurst by-election candidate John Hemming-Clark has included "removal of all bus lane cameras" in his election manifesto so it will be interesting to see how many votes he collects (he is also opposed to the London "Congestion tax" and speed cameras).
17/06/2006  "No Car Lanes" Proposed for London in Freight Review.  Transport for London (TfL) have recently issued at draft consultation document on freight transport in London – “The London Freight Plan”. This can be obtained from the internet at: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/freight/plan.asp .As the population of London is growing (yes that is of course one of the results of the polices of Ken Livingstone), and as freight transport needs are growing while it remains heavily dependent on road transport, a review was certainly needed. However, one of the most pernicious proposals is undoubtedly the suggestion that “no-car lanes” be considered.

Recent Council Election Results and a New Face for Transport.  The Conservatives increased their control of Bromley Council by winning 49 of the 60 council seats.  The Tories ejected the LiberalDemocrats from Orpington and Biggin Hill wards and also defeated long standing Labour councillor John Holbrook in Cray Valley West.  

With the new slate of councillors, responsibilities have been reassigned and Councillor Colin Smith (picture left) has taken over responsibility from George Taylor for the newly renamed “Environment & Leisure” Portfolio which looks after transport matters.

In neighbouring Croydon, the Conservatives took control from Labour, their success again being allegedly based on a policy of “no more speed humps” according to a local resident. In Lewisham former Bromley LibDem councillor Chris Maines lost his bid to become Mayor.


21/04/2006 Tesco Creates More Uproar In Orpington. Tesco have submitted a revised planning application for redevelopment of the multi-storey car park site in Station Road, Orpington. Despite many objections to the inadequate car parking provision, the likely resulting traffic congestion and the impact on local residents that were generated by the original planning application which was approved by Bromley Council, the new proposals almost double the retail floor space. See Tesco_Uproar for the full story (a pdf document).
06/04/2006 Cray Avenue Bus Lane Camera Angers Drivers. Many drivers are collecting £100 fines for accidentally entering the bus lane on Cray Avenue, Orpington. Even the council are surprised at how much money they are collecting. Writers to the local newspaper, the News Shopper, are alleging that the design of the road and the camera location are deliberately arranged to make money and have nothing to do with "enforcement" of the bus lane. For the full story see: Cray_Avenue_Camera. Note that the recommendation of the Environment PDS Committee was confirmed by Councillor George Taylor on the 5th April.
18/03/2006 Low Emission Zone Coming to London. Transport for London (TfL) are proposing to improve air quality in London by a "Low Emission Zone" which will deter older, more polluting vehicles from entering the capital. See Low_Emission_Zone for more details.
03/03/2006 Decision on Old Hill Scheme Made. Councillor George Taylor agreed to the proposal to replace the single speed cushions on Old Hill, Chislehurst by speed tables at his meeting last night. See Old_Hill_Decisions for a full report.
26/02/2006 Review of Old Hill Humps Published. Bromley Council have published the promised review of the Old Hill Traffic
Calming Scheme. This can be seen at: http://sharepoint.bromley.gov.uk/Public%20PDF/ELS06095%20df.pdf . In summary, the proposal is to change the single "cushions" on the lower part of the hill to speed tables, and introduce more parking restrictions. Our comments to Councillor George Taylor on this report can be seen at: Old_Hill_GTaylor4. The changes should improve the comfort for road users, and if properly designed, reduce the noise that is generated by vehicles crossing the humps. Mr Taylor will make a final decision on the proposals at his meeting on Thursday the 2nd March (6.0 pm at the Council Offices in Stockwell Close, Bromley). He may yet turn down the proposals on cost grounds so a show of public interest may well be helpful.  If you can make it to the meeting, please do so as I am sure you would find it of interest.

Note that at least the council has finally decided to do something about the worst aspects of this scheme, after some years of complaints. The public responses to the consultation made it clear that most people were unhappy with the scheme so BBRAG has achieved something. But it's only a partial success as the scheme will still be somewhat of a mess, and totally unnecessary from the traffic speed and accident data included in the report.
04/01/2006  370 Speed Humps Planned for Catford South. The London Borough of Lewisham is continuing to pursue a policy of introducing speed humps and is now proposing a 20 mph zone enforced by speed humps in the Bellingham area of Catford (just north of Bromley). A local activist has set up a web site to enable debate on this subject - see www.roadhumpcampaign.org  or contact Lewisham Council for more information and a copy of their consultation notice.
10/12/2005  Old Hill Speed Humps a Direct Cause of a Serious Accident. On the 4th September 2005, Anja Szkodowski was riding a cycle down Old Hill, Chislehurst, and did not notice the large, single “cushions” in the centre of the road on the lower part of the hill. Anja was thrown from her bike and was seriously injured. With breaks to her jaw in three places, and other injuries, she spent three days in hospital and is still undergoing extensive repair work to her teeth.  For the full story see: Old_Hill_Accident.
2/12/2005  New Campaign Against Dartford Crossing Tolls. A campaign promoted by the UK Independence Party to have the Dartford Crossing Tolls removed has been launched. See www.scrapthetolls.com. It was promised the tolls would be removed when the bridge had been paid for, but the Government reneged on that commitment. They also cause needless congestion and are probably illegal under European Law.
14/10/2005  Public Consultation on Old Hill Speed Humps.  Public dissatisfaction with the traffic calming scheme for Old Hill, Chislehurst has finally caused Bromley Council to undertake another consultation exercise among local residents. BBRAG has actively pushed for changes to this scheme for over two years, particularly to the single "cushions" which exceed government guidelines on recommended widths. Residents should make sure they submit their comments to the council.
9/9/2005  “Star” Letter in Newsshopper 

The following letter from BBRAG Chairman Roger Lawson was published recently in the local free newspaper and was awarded the editor’s “star” prize.  It followed a number of letters from previous correspondents criticising Bromley Council and Councillors for alleged failings in reducing road accidents.  

“Your correspondents who claimed that Bromley has a worse record at reducing road accidents based on the latest statistics, are simply wrong. Transport for London (TfL) have recently published a report that shows how the various London boroughs compare over the "baseline" of 1994/1998 to last year. This provides a much sounder basis for comparison than taking one year in isolation due to the random variations that affect any one year. 

On the longer term basis, Bromley was almost spot on the average for all London boroughs, and was better for example than similar boroughs such as Lewisham, Harrow, Haringey and Enfield. Compare it with Lewisham for example who are advocates of the use of speed humps and speed cameras, but whose record is worse. The only boroughs who seem to do significantly better are those that spend a lot more money and as Bromley depends on TfL for most of its road safety improvement funding, perhaps your correspondents should be complaining to them rather than to Bromley Councillors. 

As regards the comments about 20 mph speed limits outside schools, and only introducing road safety measures after there have been some accidents, the current policies are exceedingly rational given the limited funding available. It's better to tackle road accidents where you know they occur, than try to guess where they might occur. And unfortunately the vast majority of road accidents to school children do not take place outside schools, so measures at schools alone are unlikely to be of great benefit.  In summary, if you want to reduce accidents, first study the facts, then follow a rational policy and we will get somewhere. But using rhetoric to harass responsible councillors and council staff over their imagined failings will not help.”

8/6/2005  Road Deaths Fall 21% in London. Road accident fatalities in London in 2004 fell by 21% and "serious" accidents were down by 19%. Figures for Bromley matched that trend, as did the figures for Barnet where fatalities actually fell by 40% - Brian Coleman pointed out with glee that the results of his policies to remove speed humps did not result in disaster as predicted by TfL and Ken Livingstone.
16/4/2005  Inspector's Report on UDP Published. The council published a draft Unitary Development Plan some 2 years ago, and following a Public Inquiry, the Inspector's Report has now been published. The following article gives details of the results of the original objections by BBRAG: UDP_Inspectors_Report
27/3/2005  Bromley Publishes Transport Local Implementation Plan (LIP). Bromley Council have recently published a consultation document on how they intend to implement the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy. This will dictate local transport policy for the next few years and is over 400 pages long - it can be seen at http://www.bromley.gov.uk/content/transport/transp_strategy/lip_transport.html . The comments submitted on behalf of BBRAG can  be obtained from the following: LIP_Consultation
8/3/2005  Biggin Hill Airport Issues Draft Master Plan. The operators of Biggin Hill Airport have issued a “Master Plan” for future development of the airport. The plan envisages “limited growth” and “small scale development” but also includes the introduction of some scheduled flights, and extended operating hours.  This is despite the fact that their attempt to reinterpret the existing lease so as to permit scheduled flights was thrown out by a judge last year. Please send your comments to Bromley Council, to your local councillor, or to the airport operators at: Master Plan Consultation, Biggin Hill Airport, TN16 3BN (email: masterplan@bigginhillairport.com) as soon as possible.
20/12/2004  Mayor Announces Clean-Up of London Taxis. Ken Livingstone has announced new regulations that will require London's "black" cabs to meet new emission standards by 2007. Taxis are responsible for 24% of fine particulate pollution and 12% of nitrogen dioxide in central London. Taxis will require to be modified to meet the new standards and fares will rise by 20 pence to cover those costs.
6/12/2004  Bromley Speed Camera Proposals Rejected. Councillor George Taylor has rejected proposals from TfL for several more speed cameras on borough roads. However, TfL will be installing new cameras on Bromley Common and Tweedy Road over which they have sole control as they are major routes.
2/12/2004  Congestion Charge to Increase to £8. Mayor Ken Livingstone is proposing to increase the London Congestion Charge from £5 to £8, with only minor other changes to the scheme. This will generate an extra £50 million in revenue which he needs to prop up the yawning gap in his transport budget.
10/11/2004  Council Approves Orpington Tesco Development. At last nights meeting of the Development Control Committee, councillors voted by 10 to 4 to approve the latest Tesco planning application for a superstore on the Station Road car park site. Local ward councillors and several committee members spoke strongly against the proposals because of the adverse effects on local residents, the parking problems and traffic congestion that will result. But other members supported it as a regeneration measure and because it was better than Tesco's previous proposals which might otherwise still be won on appeal. Council officers recommended approval and suggested that traffic problems would not occur and that parking provision was adequate.
14/10/2004  Mayor Proposes New Transport Plans. Ken Livingstone has unveiled proposals for spending £10 billion on London's transport infrastructure. It includes the new Thames Gateway bridge, some "air-cooled" underground trains, rail line and Tramlink extensions and a Low Emission Zone by 2007. Some grandiose and uneconomic projects such as West London trams have been put on the back-burner. See London_Transport_Plans for more information (a pdf article from our next newsletter).
08/10/2004  London Road Safety Plan Consultation Proposes Many More Speed Cameras. Transport for London (TfL) have issued a Review and Consultation document on their Road Safety Plan. It includes proposals for many more speed cameras, including new ones in 20 mph zones. For the full story and how to respond see: London_Road_Safety_Plan_Consultation
07/09/2004  Tesco Submits New Application for Orpington Car Park Site. In addition to appealing against refusal of their previous application, Tesco have submitted a new one for the multi-storey car park site in Station Road, Orpington. However, it's not a lot different and doesn't resolve the major problems in the previous plans. BBRAG and the Orpington Car Park Action Group (OCPAG) will be submitting objections to the new proposals. See OCPAG_Press_002 for more details and how to object (a PDF file), plus the OCPAG page for the full background.
05/09/2004  Proposals to Revamp Bromley High Street South. Bromley Council are proposing improvements to Bromley High Street, Elmfield Road and adjacent streets. Likely cost is about £200,000 but BBRAG thinks the proposals do not go far enough and are rather a waste of money. For our objections to these plans see the following letter (a pdf document) Bbrag035_Letter.
12/08/2004  Mayor Pushes Ahead with Congestion Charging Extension. Despite almost 70% of the public being against the idea, London Mayor Ken Livingstone is pushing ahead with his plans for extension of the congestion charge zone to cover Kengington and Chelsea. For the full story, see the following article: Congestion_Charging_Article (a pdf document).
06/08/2004  Crossrail: What It Will Cost Us. The government recently announced the go-ahead in principle for the London Crossrail project. For a demolition of the financial lunacy of this project, see the following article: Crossrail_Article (a pdf document).
27/07/2004  More Humps for Blackheath? The London Borough of Lewisham has proposed a 20 mph zone and a mixture of speed tables, humps and cushions for a wide area around Blackheath Village. And how did Lewisham, as a borough still building humps, compare to Bromley for accident reduction in 2003? Bromley reduced casualties by 21% whereas Lewisham managed exactly zero reduction. Clearly they have yet to learn that expenditure on more humps is simply wasted expenditure! For more information on the latest scheme, or to send your objections, contact: Pam Bacchus, Transport and Engineering, Lewisham Council, 1st Floor, Fleet Building, Wearside Service Centre, Wearside Road, Lewisham, SE13 7EZ
21/07/2004  Tesco Submits Appeal Against Orpington Car Park Development. Following rejection of their planning application for the Station Road Multi-Storey Car Park site, Tesco have submitted an appeal which is likely to lead to an "inquiry" later in the year. They are also expected to submit a separate, revised application. The Orpington Car Park Action Group (O.C.P.A.G.) has commenced a campaign to oppose both plans.
06/07/2004  Council Again Rejects Residents Representations on Old Hill. Councillor George Taylor has again decided to do nothing about complaints from residents on the traffic calming scheme for Old Hill. BBRAG has commissioned an independent report on this scheme (see Old_Hill_Report_MHeymer.pdf) and together with local residents has submitted the following formal complaint to the council: Old Hill Letter_DBartlett.pdf. The original submission by BBRAG to Mr Taylor and information on the responses of local residents to our leaflet can be seen at: Old Hill Letter_G_Taylor.pdf
05/07/2004  Group Formed to Fight Orpington Car Park Proposals. A committee has been formed comprising the interests of local residents, offices, retail businesses and BBRAG to fight the Tesco proposals for redevelopment of the Orpington Station Road Car Park. Contact BBRAG for more information on this. Meanwhile Tesco are apparently considering revised plans which would lower the structure further into the ground, but this not meet most of the objections according to the new committee.
28/06/2004  Road Deaths Rise But Casualties Fall. Bromley showed the same trends as nationally with a small rise in road deaths in 2003 (statistically, no significant change) but a fall in overall casualties. Overall casualities in Bromley fell by 21%, making it the second best of all London boroughs despite adopting a policy of "no more speed humps" in 2002.
19/05/2004  BBRAG Publishes the Facts on Councillors Legal Liabilities. When the public demand the removal of humps, you sometimes hear it argued by councillors or council staff that there are legal difficulties in doing so - for example that councillors might be personally liable if accidents subsequently occurred. This is in reality nonsense. The possible legal liabilities and obligations of councillors and local authority staff are fully spelled out in the following document: Councillors-Liabilities
21/04/2004  Tesco Application for Superstore on Orpington Car Park Site Rejected. At a Council Development Control Committee Meeting last night, councillors decisively rejected the Outline Planning Application by Tesco for redevelopment of the Station Road Car Park site.  For more information see: Plan_Rejected.
20/04/2004  GLA Hump Inquiry Concluded. The Greater London Assembly Inquiry into speed humps has been concluded and a disappointing and biased report produced. For the full story see: Hump_Inquiry_Concluded.
05/04/2004  Revised Tesco Application for Orpington Car Park Site. Tesco have submitted a revised application for the Station Road Car Park site, with some minor changes from the original. For our latest objection letter on this subject, see: Orpington_Letter2. Note that there will be a public meeting to discuss the development on Thursday the 15th April, starting at 7.30 pm, at the Methodist Church, Sevenoaks Road, Orpington.
31/03/2004  Waldo Road Refuse Site to be Improved. The council refuse site is to be redeveloped to provide many more parking bays for cars (30 versus 10 at present). It is hoped this will cut congestion on Homesdale Road caused by queuing vehicles which has been a problem for many years. However visitors may have to sort their refuse.
29/03/2004  North Street Closure Causes Objections. North Street in the north Bromley area has been closed to through traffic. A local taxi firm who operate from nearby East Street have raised objections and complained that they were not consulted.
27/03/2004  Brian Coleman Versus the Taliban. Outspoken Barnet councillor Brian Coleman has brought down the wrath of Ken Livingstone, Transport for London and every other anti-car fanatic upon himself. He has removed speed humps and been trying to get traffic moving more freely by other measures, and has said "TfL stands for Taliban for London". See the following PDF file for the full story: Coleman_v_Taliban.
23/03/2004  Penge CPZ Proposals Likely to be Abandoned. Proposals for a Controlled Parking Zone around Penge East station are now likely to be abandoned following a consultation exercise where 56% of people were against it. This follows the failure of an even wider scheme which was also scrapped due to public opposition.
18/02/2004  Congestion Charging Extension Generates Protests. Over 700 people attended a meeting in Kensington Town Hall to protest against the proposed extension of the London Congestion Charging zone. The extension will cover much of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster and has recently been put out to public consultation. See http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/cc-ex/proposal.shtml for more information and to submit your comments.
10/02/2004  Councillors Unanimously Oppose Orpington Car Park Proposals. At a Development Control Committee meeting today, councillors expressed strong opinions against the proposed Tesco store development to replace the Station Road car park. The outline planning application was deferred pending a more detail review of the proposal and a site visit by councillors. Insufficient parking, traffic problems, the overshadowing of residential properties, tree loss, damage to other HIgh Street retailers and several other arguments were raised against the proposals. For the full story to date, see: Orpington_Car_Park_HTML (for a web version) or Orpington_Car_Park_Row_PDF (for a PDF document)..
05/02/2004  Hull Presents Spurious Road Safety Claims to GLA. At the Greater London Assembly Transport Committee Inquiry into speed humps, representatives from the City of Kingston upon Hull presented data which claimed to show the success of their widespread road hump and other traffic calming schemes. In reality analysis shows these claims are totally unfounded - see Hulls_Spurious_Claims for more information.
05/02/2004   Enfield Also Abandoning Speed Humps. At today's second meeting of the GLA Transport Committee Inquiry into speed humps, it became apparent that the London Borough of Enfield has also changed it's policy on speed humps as a traffic calming measure - in future other devices or solutions will be used in preference. Gareth Davies from Bromley Council also spoke at the meeting and was complimented on the "motorist friendly" policies of the borough. See GLA_Committee_Report2 for more information.
30/01/2004  Many Objections to Orpington Car Park Redevelopment at Public Meeting. A public meeting was held on the 28th January at the Liberal Hall in Orpington. Despite the snow, more than 70 people attended and there was strong opposition expressed to the nature of the proposed Tesco supermarket which will replace the multi-storey car park in Station Road, Orpington. Concerns expressed were traffic issues, limited parking capacity, overshadowing neighbouring houses and removal of trees. For more information see the Liberal Democrats web site at: http://www.bromleylibdems.org.uk/story.php?id=79&PHPSESSID=646d485ee7924bacfc60c22de3a8da19
28/01/2004  Over 60 Residents Object to Old Hill Speed Humps. Many residents of Old Hill, Chislehurst feel the speed humps that were installed some months ago are positively dangerous. More than 60 have submitted objections via BBRAG to the council. BBRAG also believes that the single "cushions" on the lower part of the hill are contrary to government recommendations.
29/12/2003  BBRAG Adopts New Speed Hump Policies. So as to promote a clear and reasonable policy on the installation, and the removal, of speed humps, BBRAG has adopted a formal policy statement which it will promote in future to local councillors, council staff and other bodies. See Speed_Hump_Policies for details.
11/12/2003  GLA Debate Speed Humps. The Greater London Assembly Transport Committee today opened their inquiry into speed humps. The London Ambulance Service complained strongly about the delays to ambulances, and the hence risk of death to patients,  that they caused. See GLA_Committee_Report1 for a full report.
9/12/2003  Car Clamping Comes to Bromley. Wheel clamping for persistent parking offenders is to be introduced to Bromley. Last year almost £700,000 of parking penalty notices could not be collected from people who didn't pay or could not be traced.
3/12/2003  London Police Join Attack on Speed Humps. The Metropolitan Police have complained that road humps needlessly delay their vehicles in a submission to the London Assembly's transport committee. They accuse local councils of implementing hump schemes in roads that have no history of accidents.
29/11/2003  Orpington Multi-Storey Parking to be Cut to Less than a Third. An outline planning application by Tesco for a new foodstore and car park to replace the existing multi-storey car park in Station Road only has provision for 166 spaces. This is less than one third of the existing space and is insufficient to meet existing demand which will result in major inconvenience to local businesses and shoppers.
31/10/2003  BBRAG Issues Report on London Congestion Charge. Following the publication by Transport for London of it's report on the scheme after 6 months in operation, BBRAG has submitted a note on the scheme to the London Assembly. See Congestion_Submission for more details. In summary, BBRAG opposes continuation of congestion charging unless major improvements are made.
19/10/2003  BBRAG Submits UDP Objections. A public inquiry on the Bromley Unitary Development Plan (UDP) starts in November. BBRAG has submitted a number of objections to aspects of the transport policy. See UDP Submissions for more details.
02/10/2003  The End of Bromley? London Mayor Ken Livingstone is proposing to scrap the 32 London Boroughs and replace them with five large districts. The London Borough of Bromley would become part of a new "South-East London" district. He believes this would help improve efficiency.
26/09/2003  Permit Parking Scheme to Go Ahead in Burnt Ash Lane Area. Despite the fact that more local residents voted for other options than for the proposed Permit Parking Scheme (by 144 to 131 to be exact), the latter has been given approval to go ahead. Comments of non-residents and organisations who represent the people of Bromley as a whole (eg. BBRAG) were also ignored.
21/08/2003  Mayor Raises Bus and Tube Fares. Ken Livingstone has announced that bus and tube fares will rise by an average of 3.6% and 7.4% respectively, making them some of the most expensive in the world. He claims it was "Because there is no extra funding from government..." but other commentators pointed out the looming hole in TfL budgets as the cause, partly down to lack of revenue from congestion charging. There will be concessions for Oyster Card users however (see www.oystercard.com)
15/08/2003  Mobile Speed Cameras in Bromley. The London Camera Safety Partnership have deployed some new camera vans to catch speeding motorists. Head of Road Safety in Bromley, John Walton, claims that excessive speed is a major contributory factor in one in five road accidents in Bromley and is a worse problem than drink driving.
31/07/2003  London Mayor Bails Out Congestion Charge Operator with £31million. Ken Livingstone has agreed that Capita, the operator of the Congestion Charge scheme, will receive an extra £31million over the remainder of their contract. This is to compensate them for the fact they are not making a profit on the scheme due to the low numbers of motorists entering the zone, and in addition, many of them not paying. It will enable Capita to improve enforcement.
26/06/2003  Camden Residents Oppose Speed Bumps and Road Closure. Residents of the London Borough of Camden have formed a group to oppose multiple speed bumps, a wide area 20 mph zone and closure of one end of Regents Park Road. The limited consultation process has also annoyed residents. Traffic calming schemes in Camden, funded by Transport for London, seem to have got out of hand of late and take little notice of road safety data or the practical concerns of residents.
19/06/2003  Barnet Decides to Remove All Speed Humps. The London Borough of Barnet plans to remove all speed humps in the borough over the next 5 years as they claim that they simply don't work. Councillor Brian Coleman said that "Motorists have for years faced an anti-car agenda. We are taking a different approach. Our policy is to make traffic flow more freely....."
06/06/2003  Aquila Development Approved and Proposals for Magpie Hall Lane. The council planning committee have approved the revised housing proposals for the Aquila site in Bickley, and have also approved plans for a new school in Magpie Hall Lane. There are also proposals for traffic calming including a 20 mph zone in the Magpie Hall and Marlow Road, Penge areas.
20/05/2003  New Thames Gateway Bridge Proposed. A new bridge to cross the river near Thamesmead is proposed and has been put out to public consultation. See http://www.londontransport.co.uk/tfl/tgb-intro.shtml for more details.
18/05/2003  More Speed Cameras in Kent. There are going to be 14 new fixed camera sites and 19 mobile cameras deployed in Kent by the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership - see www.kentandmedwaysafetycameras.org.uk.
10/05/2003  Plans to Revise A2 Route Across Blackheath. Greenwich and Lewisham Councils have plans to "improve" the A2 road across Blackheath by narrowing it and otherwise improving the Blackheath open space.
25/04/2003  Old Hill, Chislehurst, Finally Has Speed Humps Installed. Speed humps have been installed in Old Hill and paid for by a private developer. The design includes two single "cushions" on the lower part of the hill that encourage vehicles to drive down the centre of the road (a dangerous practice on what is a bend where you cannot see oncoming traffic).
25/04/2003  B.B.R.A.G. Publishes Complete List of Speed Humps in Bromley.   A new page has been added to this web site (at Hump List) which gives you a complete list of all the roads in Bromley that contain speed humps. It also shows the cost (totalling over £1million to date) of these schemes.
21/03/2003  Revised Aquila Site Proposals. A revised planning application has been made for the ex-MOD site at Aquila in Bickley. The latest proposals reduce the number of dwellings to 212 from the previous 280 (to which many local residents objected).
12/03/2003  No Speed Bumps in Road Safety Plans. Traffic calming schemes for Elmstead Lane, Poverest Road, Queensway, Maple Road and Leesons Hill have recently been approved by Environment Portfolio Holder George Taylor. But they will not use speed humps as the preference will be for the "non-vertical deflection" option that was included in the consultation document. Residents and road users who were consulted voted by large majorities against road humps.
10/03/2003  More Cars But Less Car Usage in Bromley. The 2001 Census results show that the number of car owners rose only slightly to 77% of the population, but the number using cars as their main source of transport to work fell from 50% to 45%. The total population of Bromley remained basically unchanged.
09/02/2003  Congestion Charging in Bromley? Government transport adviser, Professor David Begg, has said that the congestion charging scheme should be extended to outer London if it proves successful in the centre. He said "There's a big growth in traffic and congestion in outer London and we need to look at tackling that." David Begg has been a consistent supporter of wide area congestion charging schemes.
07/02/2003  Croydon Tramlink About to go Bust? According to financial statements recently filed by operating company Tramtrack Croydon, "At the time of preparation of these accounts the company did not have sufficient funds to continue trading beyond March 25". In other words, it's almost run out of cash. Tramtrack lost £9.5m on turnover of £13.4m in the year to 31 March 2002. Go to Tramlink for more information.
27/01/2003  London Ambulance Service Chairman Blames Speed Bumps for Unnecessary Deaths. Sigurd Reinton, Chairman of LAS was reported as saying to the Evening Standard that measures such as road humps are actually costing more lives than they save, due to their impact on slowing ambulance services. Up to 800 victims of cardiac arrest die in London for every minute of delay, and there are likely to be more additional deaths caused from delays than are saved by traffic calming.
31/12/2002  Council Proposes "Throttle Point" for Leesons Hill. As part of the recent road safety scheme for Poverest Rd, Elmstead Lane, etc, the council have now also proposed an "alternate one way working" system for Leesons Hill, Orpington.
17/12/2002  Government Admits Road Congestion Target Will Not Be Met. Alastair Darling, the Transport Secretary, admits that the government's 10 year plan to cut delays will not be achieved, and that in fact congestion may get worse before it gets better. However he has also recently announced £5.5bn for main road widening and some local schemes although it will be many years before implementation.
12/12/2002  Proposals to Revise A20 Route Through Lewisham. It is proposed as part of the "Urban Renaissance" programme to redevelop a major part of Lewisham town centre. This would include replacing the roundabout on the A20 at the junction of Lewisham High Street and Molesworth Street, an existing congestion black spot, with traffic lights and/or a new "H" shaped junction.
06/12/2002  Major Article on Improving Transport in Bromley Published. A set of proposals to improve transport in Bromley has been put forward by B.B.R.A.G. - read the article by Roger Lawson at Improving Transport for more details.
18/11/2002  Additional Council Proposals for 60 Humps in Poverest Road, Queensway, Elmstead Lane and Maple Road. Proposals for over 60 humps on major roads in Bromley have been described before (see 27/09/2002 below). Due to the number of objections, alternative "non-vertical deflection" proposals will also be put to public consultation - go to 60Humps_Update for more information.
10/11/2002  Yawning Funding Gap for London Plan. At the recent London Conference to review the London Strategic Plan, Transport Commissioner Bob Kiley stated that there was a shortfall of over £1 billion per year in funding the proposed Plan. Improved bus services were emphasised, which are already costing an extra £200 million per annum according to Mayor Ken Livingstone, but he begged for more of the central government tax revenue to enable other major projects to go ahead.
27/09/2002  Over 60 Speed Bumps on Major Roads in Bromley? Proposals have been put forward to introduce over 60 speed bumps (cushions and tables) on Poverest Road in Orpington, Queensway in Petts Wood, Elmstead Lane in Chislehurst and Maple Road in Penge. These proposals will go out to public consultation in the near future. For more details on these proposals and how to object go to 60Humps. Note: these proposals were subsequently abandoned due to public pressure.
26/07/2002  Orbit Study of M25 - Consultation Comments Invited. A multi-modal study of transport problems associated with the M25 has produced some initial recommendations. See www.orbitproject.com. Suggestions include a high quality orbital bus network, major new rail infrastructure and some widening of the M25 together with measures to restrict usage. You can print off a comment submission form from their web site and send it back by the 31st July.
21/05/2002  New Council Executive Adopts Revised Traffic Calming Policies. At an Executive meeting on the 20th May of Bromley Council the following policies were agreed: 1) Traffic management should concentrate on cost effective measures without detriment to the free flow of traffic, 2) There will be a preference for no vertical speed reduction installations (ie. bumps), subject to considering each case on its merits, 3) A report is to be prepared regarding the feasibility of contracting out all aspects of traffic management in Bromley.
16/05/2002  Mayor Ken Livingstone Proposes Congestion Charge Around Heathrow. In addition to the planned central London congestion charging scheme, Ken Livingstone is now proposing a similar scheme around the London Heathrow Airport. It would be aimed at lowering the use of cars and taxis to travel to the airport. Charges raised would probably be used to fund the CrossRail link.
11/04/2002  Details of London Congestion Charging Scheme. An article explaining the London Congestion Charging scheme which commences in February 2003 has been published in the latest B.B.R.A.G. Newsletter - a copy is on the following web page: www.bromleytransport.org.uk/London%20Transport%20Strategy.htm
15/12/2001  Commission for Integrated Transport. The CfIT announces that UK has the worst transport system in Europe and publishes a report giving all the details of why Britain's spend longer in traffic jams, pay more for public transport and have invested least in transport over the last few years.

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