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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group


B.B.R.A.G. members now receive a copy of the ABD London Region newsletter which covers transport issues in the London region. Previous to August 2009, there was a separate BBRAG newsletter published (although there was a lot of overlap in terms of content).  The contents of those newsletters is given below and you can download a pdf copy of all them (but bear in mind that the oldest ones are very historic) by clicking on the edition number. The earliest ones date from 1999 and are obviously not written or designed to the same standard as later editions.

Go to the ABD London region website at  www.freedomfordrivers.org/Newsletters.htm for information on the newsletters since August 2009 or to download copies of the ABD London Region newsletters.




Issue No.    Date             Contents

 57  Jun 2009

 Bickley Station Width Restriction

 Tesco Orpington Opens

 Electric Cars Plugged in London

 Every Breath You Take

 20 Mph Too Low?

 Mayor's Transport Strategy

 Does Policing Reduce Accidents?

 The Causes of Accidents

 Travel Plans

 Motorway Speed Cameras


 56  Apr 2009

 Contentious Shared Space

 Memorial Flowers

 Crown Lane Speed Humps

 Chislehurst Road Bridge

 Specs 3 Cameras


 55  Dec 2008

 Congestion Charge to be Abolished

 20 Mph Speed Limits

 Speed Humps - London News

 Crown Lane Improvement

 SIDs Do Work

 Environmental Debate

 Not Guilty, But You'll Still Pay

 Boris's Way to Go

 Mayor's Recent Decsions

 LIP Funding & Distorted Policies

 Crofton Lane Speed Humps

 New "Routemaster" Winners

 The Olympic Route Network


 54  Sept 2008

 London Congestion Tax

 Western Extension Consultation

 Wide Area 20Mph Speed Limits

 Pedestrianisation of Parliament Square

 Clock House Permit Parking Schem

 Crown Lane Traffic Scheme

 53  July 2008

 Johnson Announces Congestion Charge Consultation

 New Routemaster Competition

 25 Congestion Charge Scrapped

 Speed Table Noise & Vibration

 Child Car Safety Seats

 New Policies at TfL

 Bus Lane

 Cycling and Road Safety

 When Traffic Offences are Void

 Speed Humps & The Disabled

 Mobile Phone Parking

 Speed Cameras


 52  May 2008

 Election Results

 TfL and the Ipsos/Mori Survey

 No Privacy in London

 Dartford Crossing Tolls

 Road Works to be Controlled?

 Debate on Road Pricing

 Traffic Counts Not Rising


 51  Mar 2008

 Mayoral Candidates Policies

 Petition Against Speed Humps in Chislehurst

 A Personal Story of Speed Camera Persecution

 Croydon Tramlink Takeover by TfL

 25 Congestion Charge Challenge

 Motorbikes in Bus Lanes

 Deaths and Air Pollution

 "Driving Change" Seminar

 Elmstead Lane Campaign

 Crown Lane Improvement

 Bromley's Congestion Working Group


 50  Jan 2008  Parliament Square to be "Improved"

 Speed Humps Double Emissions

 Green Party Coerces Livingstone

 The Mayoral Elections

 Traffic Calming in Tower Hamlets

 London Travel Report 2007

 Olympics Travel Plan

 25 Congestion Charge

 Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish? 


 49  Nov 2007  Lycra Louts and Cycle Stop Lines

 Road Deaths in London Rise

 Third World Country Subsidises London Bus Fares

 Mobile Speed Cameras in Bromley

 London Congestion Charge Report

 Living Under Livingstone

 Intelligent Speed Adaptation

 Overwhelming Opposition to Greenwich Road Tolls

 20 Mph Speed Limits

 More Anti-Car Plans

 Capita and the Congestion Charge

 Bromley Town Centre Plans

 How to Collect Cash from the Public


 48  Sept 2007  Cars and Air Pollution - The Facts

 Manchester Congestion Tax

 TfL, FOI and the Blackwall Tunnel

 ABD Launches Campaign Against the Greenwich Congestion Charge

 London Congestion Charge Report

 Proposed 25 Congestion Charge

 Higher Penalties for Congestion Charge Infringers

 Larger Tesco Store Approved

 Thames Gateway Bridge - A Victory for the Luddites?

 West London Tram is Dead

 The Four Hills Speed Hump Study


 47  July 2007  Worsley Bridge Road Speed Table

 Greenwich Road Tools and Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow Cessation

 Road Pricing - the Key Issues

 Transport 2000 Funding

 London LEZ

 BBBRAG Membership Rates

 Bus Jams

 Tramlink Extension Consultation

 The Dangers of Bendy Buses

 Tesco Orpington Update

 The Cost of London's Freedom Pass

 Challenging Ken Livingstone on Congestion Charging and Pollution

 IPSOS/MORI Conference Report

 Garden Road and Commuter Parking

 Unreasonable Camera Enforcement in Lambeth

 Another London Mayoral Candidate


 46  May 2007  Toronto Rejects Congestion Charging

 Bickley East Traffic Calming Scheme

 Mottingham North Traffic Calming

 Greenwich Road Tolls

 Tidal Flow in Blackwall Tunnel Ended

 Bromley Council Opposes Road Pricing

 Black Cabs in Mourning?

 Community Speed Watch

 Speeding Fines - A Lottery for Honest Drivers in London

 Parking Permit Votes in Islington

 A New Threat to Your Freedom


 45  Mar 2007  Petitions Against Road Pricing and Speed Humps

 London's Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

 Cross River Tram

 Tramlink and Bus Competition

 New Draconian Powers in TfL Bill

 Mayoral Candidate Steps Forward

 Orpington Bus Lane Cameras

 Bromley Road Safety Plan

 Congestion Charge Extension

 Old Hills Humps Smoothed Out

 Another Speed Hump Problem

 Council Not Happy with LIP

 CO2 Based Permit Parking Charges


 44  Jan 2007  Croydon Tramlink Extension

 More Red Lights and Slower Traffic

 Ravensbourne Avenue Parking

 Cray Avenue Bus Lane Cameras

 Bromley Parking Charges & Budgets

 Dartford Crossing Toll Changes

 Richmond Permit Parking Scheme

 New London Traffic Web Site

 LEZ Consultation

 Bus Build-Outs

 Bickley Traffic Calming

 The Latest Attack on Car Owners

 Figures Demonstrate Road Safety Policy is Wrong

 Old Hill Speed Humps

 Road Usage Charging

 The Eddington Report

 Transport 2025 for London


 43  Nov 2006  Sheppey Bridge Opens

 Thames Gateway Bridge

 Cars and Air Pollution in the UK

 Permit Parking and "Carer Permits"

 Croydon Tramlink Extension

 Bus Lanes and the Conservatives

 Cray Avenue Bus Lane

 The Congestion Charge & Congestion

 London Buses and Air Pollution

 Bickley Traffic Calming

 Speed Humps Have No Effect!

 UK Road Casualty Statistics

 Crossover Parking


 42  Sep 2006  Congestion Tax Not Cutting Pollution

 Congestion Rising within the Congestion Tax Zone

 Ken to Raise Congestion Tax to 25

 TfL Attacks Removal of Bus Lanes

 More Powers for the Dictator

 License Plates for Cyclists

 Parking Charges Hit New Records

 Under-reporting of Road Casualties

 London Accident Statistics

 The Cities of Oakland and Portland, & Speed Humps

 Marlow Road 20 Mph Zone and Enforcement by Cameras

 Bus Boarders - A New Road Hazard

 Cameras Worsen Jams at Junctions

 Why Business Must Oppose Congestion Charging

 Conservatives Reviewing Transport Policy

 Portland, Oregon and Sayeeda Warsi

 UK Speed Limits - No Longer "Reasonable"

 Cray Avenue Bus Lane Fine Appeal Proves Council is Acting Unlawfully


 41  Aug 2006  Metropolitan Police Consultation

 Higher Parking Fines in London

 Parking Fines and a Bill of Rights

 Should you Buy a Hybrid Car?

 "No Car Lanes" Proposed for London

 No Environmental Benefit from the Congestion Charge Tax

 More Speed Cameras in London

 And Fewer Speed Cameras in London

 Water Shortage Blamed on Motorists

 London Transport in 2025

 Letters to the Telegraph on Humps

 The Government's Transport Goals

 New Tory Transport Initiatives

 What is the Most Cost Effective and Safest Transport System?

 Past Newsletter Articles

 Membership Price Increase

 Bromley Transport Plans Published

 Underreporting of Road Accidents


 40  June 2006  Tesco Creates Uproar in Orpington

 Removal of Humps in Barnet

 Humps to Go in Gloucestershire

 TfL Wants to Change Your Behaviour

 Recent Council Election Results

 Eric Forth Dies

 Hit & Run Collisions in London

 39  Apr 2006  The Cray Avenue Bus Lane Camera

 The Londoner Gets it Wrong

 Congestion Charging for Bromley and Other TfL Proposals

 Ken's Impact on Your Council Taxes

 London's Low Emission Zone

 BBC News Coverage on Speed Humps

 Old Hill Decisions

 Pedestrian Refuges in Beckenham

 Green Lane, Chislehurst and Petts Wood Kerb Build-Outs

 Double Decker Trains

 More Free Lunches, Even for the Editor


 38  Feb 2006  Transport Spending Priorities Wrong Again

 The 4x4 Debate

 Under Reporting of Road Accidents and the Old Hill Incident

 The Risks of Driving and Policy Initiatives Without Facts

 Stockholm Congestion Tax

 A New Bridge for Petts Wood

 New Train Operator Appointed

 Mottingham Traffic Calming Scheme

 Bromley Parking Revenues

 Bromley's Transport Plan

 Speed Humps Planned for Catford

 More Speed Hump Dangers Revealed

 City of Anaheim Spells it Out


 37  Dec 2005  The Dangers of Speed Humps Proved

 The Cost of Road Congestion

 TfL Tries to Kill Off a Useful Service

 Empire Building by Ken Livingstone

 Dartford Crossing Toll Campaign

 Tram Schemes Off The Rails

 Bromley Town Centre Revamp

 More Congestion from Tesco?


 36  Oct 2005  "Star" Letter in Newsshopper

 Local Government Ombudsman Under Scrutiny

 Car Usage and Hurricane Deaths

 Bexley Congestion Charge?

 National Alliance Against Tolls

 London Toll Zone to be Extended

 Another Fare Rise in London Transport

 Low Emission Zone Coming to London

 National Travel Survey

 Traffic Calming: A Scientific Study

 Old Hill Consultation Agreed

 Man Paralysed by Speed Hump

 Ravensbourne College and Sira Sites

 Orpington Parking Arrangements

 Rumble Strips in Pratts Bottom

 "No Go" Roads for Traffic Wardens


 35  Aug 2005  Parking Charges Now over 1 Billion

 Parking Enforcement in London

 Disabled Petition Scottish Parliament

 New Disability Discrimination Act

 Old Hill Speed Humps

 Private Roads and Speed Humps

 Congestion Charging - The Editors View

 Congestion Charging - Isn't it Great by R.Gitt

 Beckenham Hospital CPZ

 Vehicle Crossovers

 Policing Priorities in London

 Who is the Safest of All? (London Accident Statistics)

 Magpie Hall Lane Chicanes


 34  Jun 2005  Speed Indicator Devices in Bromley

 Speed Camera Fines Rise

 FOI Data and Speed Cameras

 Low Enforcement of Parking Penalties

 Kengestion Charge Rising to 8

 Kengestion Charge Extended West

 Congestion System in the Dock

 Air Pollution and Congestion Charging: Fiddling the Figures

 Local Government Ombudsman

 Thames Gateway Bridge

 Inspectors Report on UDP Published

 Road Deaths Down 21% in London


 33  Apr 2005  Biggin Hill Airport Draft Master Plan

 Congestion Charging Defeated

 The Congestion Charge Con

 Borough Spending Plan (BSP)

 Transport Local Implementation Plan

 All Speed Humps to Go in Two Years?

 Burnt Ash Lane Car Park Charges

 Mayfield Avenue, Orpington

 Bromley Common & Consultation

 M11 Consultation

 Speed Limit in Court Rd, Orpington

 Old Hill Hump Stories

 The Local Government Ombudsman

 Permit Parking in Beckenham?

 Taxed to Park Outside My Front Door

 Orpington Car Park and the FOI Act


 32  Feb 2005  Congestion Charge Rising to 8

 Congestion Charging for Bromley?

 London Taxi Clean-Up

 More Speed Cameras Rejected

 TfL Takeover Bid for Bromley Roads

 Bromley Parking Charges

 Permanent Park & Ride for Bromley?

 Driving is Good for You

 Gated Communities and Private Roads

 Transport Watch Web Site

 Cycling in London

 Bromley Common and Consultation


 31  Dec 2004  Mayor Proposes New Transport Plans

 Excessive Speed and Road Accidents

 New Ideas for Setting Speed Limits

 London Road Safety Plan Consultation

 Parking Fines in London Rocketing

 New TRL Report on Speed Humps (TRL614)

 Hillingdon Fund for Hump Removal

 Beckenham Development Problems

 Tesco Orpington Store Approved

 More Lunacy in Lewisham

 Freedom, At Last (the FOI Act)

 PACTS Breaches Charity Law


 30  Oct 2004  Speed Humps, Vibration and Noise by Jeremy Clyne

 Speed Humps and Ambulances

 More Humps for Blackheath

 Fewer Humps, Fewer Accidents

 Crossrail: What It Will Cost Us

 Mayor Pushes Ahead with Congestion Charging Extension

 Transport White Paper and the Latest UK Travel Statistics

 Declining Young Drivers

 Bromley High Street Proposals

 New Tesco Proposals for Car Park Site

 Bromley Local Implementation Plan

 Old Hill Update


 29  Aug 2004  Winds of Death, or Hot Air? (Environmental Issues)

 Hybrid Cars - The Way Ahead

 Bus Drivers Don't Like Humps

 London Election Results

 Road Deaths Rise But Casualties Fall

 Parking Bills in London Rise Rapidly

 Cycle Lanes in Bromley

 Bus Stop Build-Outs

 Old Hill Traffic Calming Scheme

 Quiet Lanes

 Orpington Car Park News

 Chicanes and Throttles in Bickley


 28  Jun 2004  Party Policies on Transport in London

 Waldo Rd Refuse Site to be Improved

 Brian Coleman Versus the Taliban

 Orpington Car Park Plan Rejected

 Environment Plan 2004/2005

 TV's Bee in Your Bonnet Joins the Anti-Hump Campaign

 Speed Humps and Ambulances

 GLA Speed Hump Inquiry Concluded

 Councillors Legal Liabilities

 Speed Cameras - A Growing Industry

 Tram, Trolley or Guided Bus?

 Trams Lose Money According to NAO

 Congestion Charging - a Personal Nightmare

 Draft Local Implementation Plans

 Rewriting History


 27  Apr 2004  Orpington Station Rd Car Park (in Supplement)

 Congestion Charging to be Extended?

 Traffic Management Bill

 How to Set Speed Limits

 Is Rail Travel Safer?


 GLA Inquiry into Speed Humps

 Hull's Spurious Road Safety Claims

 26  Feb 2004  BBRAG Adopts New Hump Policy

 Removing Humps When Roads Are Resurfaced

 Old Hill Speed Humps

 Speed Humps Strongly Criticised by Ambulance Service at GLA Inquiry

 Accidental Deaths in London

 Car Clamping Comes to Bromley

 Chips with Everything?

 Burnt Ash Lane and Shortlands CPZs

 Man Breaks Back over Speed Hump

 Why Accidents Don't Fall

 The Speed Camera Debate

 Less Road Rage in Bromley

 Safer Pedestrian Refuges


 25  Dec 2003  The End of Bromley?

 Orpington Car Park Plans

 UDP Inquiry Submission

 The Times Newspaper Publicises Anti-Speed Hump Campaigners

 Borough Spending Plan for Transport and Road Safety Plan

 London Accident Trends & Targets

 TfL Safety Reports

 New Membership Rates

 Murray Avenue - The Last Word

 London Congestion Charge

 Proposed New Speed Limit on Addington Road

 New Speed Cameras in the Limehouse Link Tunnel

 A Story of Years Gone By


 24  Oct 2003  Council Loses Hump Legal Case

 London Congestion Charge

 Mayor Raises Bus and Tube Fares

 Save Money with an Oyster Card

 "Bus Plus" Improvements

 Bromley Air Quality Strategy

 Mobile Speed Cameras in Bromley

 Proposed Permit Parking Extensions

 Motorcyclist Crippled by Speed Hump

 Traffic Calming Programmes and Emergency Response

 The Legal Basis of Traffic Calming

 News Snapshots

 Useful Web Sites


 23  Aug 2003  Barnet Removes All Speed Humps

 Proposed Thames Gateway Bridge

 Congestion Charging Review

 Development of Aquila Site Approved

 Democracy Comes to Bromley

 20 Mph Zones for Magpie Hall Lane and Marlow Road?

 Another Death In Perry Street

 Chairman Raises 200 for Charity

 News Snapshots

 Useful Web Sites


 Book Review - The Vanishing Automobile (and Other Urban Myths)


 22  Jun 2003  Mayor Opposes Speed Humps!

 Aquila Site Redevelopment

 Second Cycle Lane in Green Lane?

 Old Hill Humps

 Chislehurst Station Speed Humps

 Waldo Rd/Homesdale Rd Congestion

 Cutting Excessive Speed and Warning of Road Hazards

 UDP Revisions

 Environment Portfolio Plan

 Council Tax Review

 Permit Parking Schemes

 Other Local Parking Changes

 Blackheath and A2 Proposals

 CfIT for the Chop?

 Advantages of Newsletters via Email

 Newsletter Format

 Useful Web Sites

 The Safest Way to Travel?

 Hump Count and Cost in Bromley

 London and Bromley Accident Data

 Speed Cameras in Kent to Increase

 Croydon Tramlink Correction


 21  Apr 2003  No Speed Bumps in Road Safety Plans

 Patients Killed by Speed Humps

 Croydon Tramlink - Is it a Success?

 Bus Subsidies

 More Cars But Less Car Usage

 Airport Consultation

 Green Lane Cycle Lane

 The YQ Campaign

 Old Hill Speed Bumps?

 Congestion, Congestion

 Interesting Web Sites

 Change of Address


 Improving Transport in Bromley (Part 3)


 20  Feb 2003  M25 Report Recommendations

 Car Sharing Iniative

 Leesons Hill to be "Throttled"?

 Making Speed Bumps Disappear

 Interesting Web Sites

 What Does a Road Accident Cost?

 Another Planning System Failure

 London Accident Figures Improve, But Bromley is Worse

 Orpington Multi-Storey Car Park

 Congestion Charging Latest

 Air Quality in Bromley

 Improving Transport in Bromley (Part 2)


 19  Dec 2002  Latest Bromley Hump Proposals

 Member Survey Results

 Rookery Gardens Home Zone

 Orpington, Burnt Ash Lane and Locksbottom Parking Consultation

 Web Site News

 Road Works in Southborough Lane

 London Congestion Scheme Latest

 Local Humbug and Prize Competition

 Traffic Up by 3% in UK

 Improving Transport In Bromley (Part 1)

 18  Oct 2002  Mottingham Estate - The Facts

 Not Opposed to Traffic Calming

 Old Bexley Traffic Calming Scheme

 The Arguments Against Speed Bumps

 Speed Bumps and Medical Conditions

 Disabled Experiences in the USA

 The Latest Bromley Hump Proposals

 Schools on Green Belt Land?

 The Blackheath Hole on the A2

 Trafalgar Square Roads Revamped

 London Congestion Charging


 17  Aug 2002  Fatal Accident at Shortlands

 Mayor Announces Plan for London

 Orpington Car Park Redevelopment

 M25 Future Strategy

 Gridlock in Crystal Palace and Blackheath

 One Way System for Petts Wood?

 Road Deaths Rise in 2001

 Night Flights Court Case

 Congestion Charging Court Case

 Bromley Traffic Calming Schemes

 New Bromley Road Safety Plan

 Real Time Train Timetables

 Free Traffic Data on the Internet

 London Traffic Policies and News


 16  Jun 2002  Conservatives Win Council Elections

 Hated Speed Bumps Follow Taliban into History

 The Wrong Direction, by John Redwood, M.P.

 Ten Year Transport Plan in Difficulties

 Why is Bromley Road Safety Better?

 Speed Cameras in Bromley

 Mottingham Estate Traffic Scheme

 Pollution Caused by Traffic Calming

 Potholes Created by Road Humps

 Heathrow Congestion Charging

 Road User Charging

 More Satellite Tracking

 How to Get a Local Map

 Council News

 Driving Road Traffic Accidents Down, by Gareth Davies

 Britains First Fatal Road Accident


 15  Apr 2002  London Congestion Charging

 Road Pricing via Satellites

 Driver Appeals Against Speed Law

 Privatisation of Main Road Network

 New London Airport in Kent?

 Rookery Gardens, St. Mary Cray

 New BBRAG Web Site

 New Chislehurst Society Web Site

 Council Elections

 Council Funding

 West Wickham Parking Scheme

 Chislehurst and St Pauls Cray Commons

 Miscellaneous Council News

 Aquila Site Redevelopment - Update


 14  Feb 2002

 Aquila Site Redevelopment

 Orpington Permit Parking Scheme

 Council Funding

 Station Road Car Park, Orpington

 Blackbrook Lane Update

 Latest Bromley Accident Statistics

 Speed Campaign in Jail Lane

 Reduced Speed Limit Raises Accidents

 Birkbeck Road, Beckenham

 New BBRAG Web Site

 Car Dependency

 13  Jan 2002

 Darul Uloom School, Chislehurst

 London Congestion Charging

 Bromley Young Driver Training

 Speed Camera Update

 Bromley Web Sites

 Orpington Car Park

 UK Transport "Worst in Europe"

 Integrated Transport Commission

 Useful Transport Statistics Source

 Heathrow Terminal 5 Decision

 Freedom of Information Act

 Electronic Editions of Newsletter 


 12  Nov 2001

 Surprising Change of Council Policy on Speed Bumps

 Council Leadership System

 Aquila and Thornet Wood Rd, Bickley, Developments

 Old Hill, Chislehurst

 Dartford Crossing

 Homefield Rise, Orpington

 Mobile Phones

 The Dangers of Drink

 Cutting Traffic by 15%

 Hawthorne Experiments

 Air Pollution

 AGM News


 11  Aug 2001

 Bromley Accident Statistics

 UK Accident Statistics

 London Accident Statistics

 London Transport Strategy

 Pollution in London

 Air Quality on the Underground

 Speed Camera Follow Up

 Speed Cameras - the Latest News

 Speed Cameras - Public Opinion

 Aquila Site Redevelopment

 Road Humps and the Disabled


 10  Jul 2001

 Speed Cameras

 Odyssey Speed Camera Detection

 Biggin Hill Airport Update

 Lewisham, Manor Lee Area

 Legal Basis of Traffic Calming Schemes

 Stanhope Grove Scheme

 News on Other Traffic Schemes

 Bromley Accident Statistics

 Change of Council Control

 Homesdale Road Congestion

 Speed Bumps on the Internet

 Thornet Wood Road, Bickley

 Intelligent Speed Humps

 Bromley Pageant of Motoring

 Old Hill, Chislehurst

 Mayors Transport Strategy

 Air Quality Management in Bromley


 9  Apr 2001

 Unitary Development Plan

 Air Pollution

 Kemnal Road Closure

 Permit Parking Extension

 50 Mph Limit on A2

 Intelligent Speed Humps

 GLA Transport Strategy

 Biggin Hill Airport


 8  Feb 2001

 Old Hill, Chislehurst

 Kemnal Road Closure

 St. Mary Cray Traffic Calming Scheme

 Homesdale Road Congestion

 Watts Lane Zebra Crossing

 DETR Report - Tomorrows Roads

 Road Traffic Penalties Consultation


 7  Nov 2000

 Old Hill, Chislehurst

 Priority Accident Remedial Sites

 Green Lane Cycle Path

 Watts Lane Zebra Crossing

 Roger Perry: Obituary

 Council Leadership System

 Latest Hump Count


 6  Jun 2000

 Chislehurst Road, Bickley

 Bromley Town Centre Parking Plan

 Bus Lanes and Bus Pollution

 Green Lane Cycle Lane

 Waldo Road Rubbish Tip

 Latest Accident Statistics

 Speed Bumps (TRL Report 417)


 5  Apr 2000

 Blackbrook Lane Scheme

 Chislehurst Road, Bickley

 Blackwall Tunnel

 Where Your Money is Spent 


 4  Mar 2000

 Blackbrook Lane Scheme

 Blackbrook Lane Refuge

 Watts Lane/Manor Park Road

 Biggin Hill Airport


 3  Nov 1999

 Blackbrook Lane, Bickley

 Safer Routes to School


 2  Oct 1999

 Blackbrook Lane, Bickley

 Integrated Transport Strategy

 Expenditure on Road Schemes and Accident Statistics

 Speed Contribution to Accidents

 Proposed Bus Lane

 Council Committee Members

 Watts Lane/Manor Park Road


 1  Jun 1999

 Watts Lane/Manor Park Road Postscript

 Local Government Ombudsman Complaint

 Chislehurst Road, Bickley and Chislehurst

 Blackbrook Lane and Other Prospective Traffic Calming Schemes

 Aims and Objectives of BBRAG

 Expenditure on Road Schemes and Accident Statistics

 The Chislehurst Society 


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