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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

Speed Hump Policies         


The following are the policies on speed humps adopted by BBRAG in December 2003, and which is recommended to the London Borough of Bromley and all other organisations who have an influence on traffic management and road safety issues::


A)    That a preference for alternative road safety measures to using speed humps be adopted by the local authority for all new “traffic calming” proposals, i.e no more speed humps will be installed unless there are no viable alternatives.

B)    Note that BBRAG does not consider that speed tables or split humps (also known as cushions) have any significant advantages to simple humps and therefore are similarly covered by the above policy.  

C)   That where existing speed humps (including tables and split humps) are removed for road resurfacing or for other reasons, that such humps are not replaced, unless the following conditions are met: (i) that there is clear justification in the historic accident statistics that road safety measures are required for the road (specifically that accidents rates are higher than average for similar roads in the borough); (ii) that there are no alternative road safety or traffic engineering measures that could be used to reduce accidents in the road, and; (iii) that local residents and road users show a strong preference for reinstating the humps (residents and road users are to be specifically consulted so far as is practical in this respect). 

D)   Where existing speed humps are disliked by the public as a whole (i.e. by both residents and road users) such that there is a general demand to have them removed (as demonstrated for example by petitions, or by consultation processes that involve all affected parties), then the council will consider the removal of such humps and where there are no monies available from council funds to perform such removal, will accept donations from anyone willing to fund the costs.

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