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Speed Humps and Buses

The following is an article on this subject

Bus Drivers Don't Like Humps, published August 2004 

Your editor and the promoter of speed humps in the city of Hull recently exchanged letters in the columns of Local Transport Today concerning the latter’s misleading claims. This was picked up by Peter Shipp, the Chief Executive of East Yorkshire Motor Services Group (based in Hull) who had the following comments to make:

“It is rather disingenuous of Hull’s road safety manager to say that vertical traffic calming measures are used ‘in agreement…with bus operators’. We have never been happy about vertical measures of any sort on bus routes….” 

He goes on to say that they have only accepted “cushions” as the lesser evil, but even so they can cause problems because of badly parked cars or oncoming traffic. In fact they have had to withdraw one route and they still get numerous incidents of damage to vehicles (and to on-bus CCTV systems due to vibration). He also suggests there are as many requests for removal of humps in the East Riding as there are for their installation, contrary to comments from Hull road safety staff. 

(Editor’s Comments: This is yet more evidence that the promoters of the wide area traffic calming measures in Hull have consistently misled the public and other road safety engineers about the true situation in Hull). 

Gatwick Bus Drivers Suffer Medical Problems 

Bus drivers at Gatwick Airport have also complained about 27 new speed humps installed in a staff car park. Driver Richard Symonds said that they are very angry and that “BAA  have not listened at all to the people who use the road”. Another driver said “The pain runs from behind my shoulders into my neck” and he has been advised by his doctor to take time off work. Apparently a lot of the bus drivers have filled in industrial accident report forms.  

Other drivers apparently drive down the centre of the roads to avoid the humps. A BAA spokesman said “the situation was being monitored to establish why cars were being driven in the middle of the road”.  

Penrith Buses Bumped Off  

A Penrith housing estate could lose it’s bus service because the boss of NBM Coaches has threatened to withdraw his buses due to damage from speed humps. It seems he has already had to scrap a £20,000 air suspended Volvo bus. He said “It’s absolutely wrecked. It only lasted nine months. You couldn’t even sit in the back of it when you were going over the humps, even at 20 mph.”

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