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Bromley Borough Roads Action Group

The following is the evidence submitted to the Inquiry on the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) in October 2003

Bromley UDP Inquiry Evidence (Objections 0035A, 0035B, 0035D, 0035E, 0035F, 0035G, 0035H, 0035I, 0035J, 0035K, 0035L)

Objections by the Bromley Borough Roads Action Group on Various Transport Matters.


Our concern with several aspects of the Bromley Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is that many of the policies and particular proposals therein appear to be primarily negative, and more aimed at restraining or inhibiting transport demand, rather than improving the transport capacity.  

We also have concerns that the particular problems faced by Bromley in respect of transport and such matters as retail and commercial development have not been taken into account in formulating the policies and proposals. Although clearly Bromley is part of the Greater London Authority and has some problems that are similar to other London boroughs, it also has some differences which require a less dogmatic and more flexible view on some issues.  

We have particular concerns about the proposed parking policies and the lack of any policies to improve the road transport network in the borough.  

Our specific objections to the UDP Second Revision Draft wording are given in the following document (this is a PDF document - you need Adobe Acrobat to read it, or contact BBRAG for alternative formats): UDP Submission. 

Roger Lawson,

Secretary and Treasurer, Bromley Borough Roads Action Group